The Rules

All TG Server rules
The game server is run and paid for by TG Clan Members. The following server rules are there to make life more enjoyable for everyone, we therefore have no tolerance toward people breaking any server rules.

1. We kick to make room for other members (last in first out).
2. Teamkilling - we have a three strike rule to keep things simple. If you teamkill 3 times you will be kicked (check your targets).
3. If seen to be teamkilling with intent you will be banned from the server
4. Racist remarks will result in a permanent ban
5. Abuse of any kind towards Grunts members or other players will result in you being kick/banned at the admin's discretion
6. Cheating of any form will result in a permanent ban
7. Admins have last say, don't argue with admins.
8. Please don't leave people behind at base, we all love ArmA2, but it can be a long walk...
9. The base is a NO FIRE ZONE (unless under attack)
10. Do not shoot at friendly choppers, if series damage is done you will be kicked
11. Do not wound people (see rule 2)

CooP Rules: Domination.
1. You must ask permission from a TG member before taking a chopper or plane. You will be kicked if you do not ask.
2. Please ensure that you take the Ammo Box with the MHQ.
3. Ask before moving MHQ.
4. DO NOT use enemy vehicles or static weapons, it'll often result in you being shot
5. If you cock up remember to apologise...

PvP Rules: Warfare
1.DO NOT attack enemy base, Untill you have all town's.
2.Plane Spamming We Will Not tolorate.
3.DO NOT spawnkill Enemy HQ Base. (Apply's Untill The Enemy Base is the only objective left).

Have Fun On Our Servers.
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